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Power League 1 & 2 Recap

This past weekend concluded our second Power League tournament of the season. With two more 1-day tournaments and then Region Championships on December 21-22nd lets check out how all of the teams have been doing thus far!


Bay to Bay 12-1: The 12-1's have been battling in the Silver division of the 14-under age group for both Power League 1 & 2. In both events, they have broken pool and made it into the top half of the division bracket. Coach Chris and Andrew's squad is one of the most fun teams to watch with all of the energy and excitement they bring to the gym.

Bay to Bay 13-1: Thus far on the season the 13-1's have gone 16-2 with a 2nd place finish at Power League 1 and a 3rd place finish at Power League 2. These young guns have been playing some exciting high level volleyball thus far throughout the season.

The now Bay to Bay 13-1's celebrating their 2019 12-Under National Championship

Bay to Bay 13-Premier: Coach Lacey and CJ's team has gone 10-6 thus far on the season and have been battling it out in the Silver division at both Power League 1 & 2. This group has done a tremendous job building their team identity throughout the early portion of the season. They bring loads of personality and a passion for the game that is infectious.

Bay to Bay 14-1: Competing up an age group is always a challenge, but the 14-1's have done a tremendous job rising to the occasion. The team started the year in the Bronze division where they finished 2nd, and then carried that momentum into Power League 2 where they went 4-1 and took 2nd again. The 14's will compete in the 16-under Gold division during Power League 3 where they will surely continue to enjoy the competition!

Bay to Bay 14-Premier: This team has made some vast improvements throughout the season. They bring a high level of dedication each week to skills practices and their hard work shows. The 14-Premier team has finished in the top-2 of each tournament thus far: defeating Bay to Bay 13-1 in the finals of Power League #1 and finishing 2nd at Power League #2.

Bay to Bay 14-Premier at the 2019 NCVA Qualifier

Bay to Bay 14-Club: Coach Jarrod and Ryan's team have been a Gold division staple thus far: finishing 6th at Power League #1 and 4th at Power League #2. This squad does the little things well: always hustling, consistent service pressure, and aggressive attacking. That is a recipe for success at all ages.

Bay to Bay 15-1: The 15-1's have pushed the top teams in the 16's division to the brink consistently with five 3-set losses to teams in the top-4. This group is a tremendous example of focusing on the process rather than the results. Where some teams can get discouraged by being so close and falling just short, this team seems to take it as a challenge to push even further.

Bay to Bay 15-2: Coach BJ and Ryan's team have showed plenty of grit thus far in Power League. After a grueling Power League Qualifier, the boys overtook the #10 seed and began the season in the Gold division where they competed with the top teams in the 16's division. The 15-2's will compete in the Silver division at Power League #3 and look to continue to capitalize on their opportunities to compete!

Bay to Bay 15-Club: Coach Kevin and Jason's team has "ridden the wave" as they made the transition to the high net. The boys have made plenty of solid strides through their early season training. They started the year in the Silver division for both Power League #1 & #2 but will move to the Bronze division for Power League #3 after losing some closely contested matches at Los Medanos College this past weekend.

Bay to Bay 16-1: The 16-1's have gotten to run the gauntlet of the 18's division, playing against some of the top teams our region has to offer. Through that competition, coach Chad, Alex, and Jon's team has a record of 10-6 including seven total three set nail biters! The boys will head back to Sacramento (again ;) to compete in the Bronze division.

Bay to Bay 16-2's round out the top-4 of the 16's division

Bay to Bay 16-2: Coach Arin and Mark's team have brought tremendous consistency to the 16's division thus far. They finished 5th at Power League #1 and 4th at Power League #2. With a balanced attack and steady defense the 16-2's have a 11-6 record in the division.

Bay to Bay 16-Club: Coach Josh and John's team has a 10-7 record on the season and have risen from the Bronze division at Power League #1 to the Silver division for Power League #2 & #3. Another great example of a team that brings great personality and dedication to the court, the boys of 16-Club continue to improve on the season.

Bay to Bay 16-Club celebrate a point at 2019 BJNC

Bay to Bay 17-1: The 17-1's team has been in the top half of the 18's division throughout the first two tournaments: finishing 4th at Power League #1 and 6th at Power League #2. With a number of players switching into new positions and roles, the team has done a wonderful job of embracing their strengths and weaknesses.

Bay to Bay 17-2: At Power League #1 the 17-2's went through the "bracket of death" and came out on top to stay up in the Gold division. This team incorporates one of the more creative offenses, with players running all sorts of different routes. The 17-2's are good for a few highlight plays a set. The team will compete in the Silver division for Power League #3.

Bay to Bay 17-2 players stand atop the podium at Junior Nationals in 2019

Bay to Bay 18-1: The 18-1's overtook the #1 overall seed coming out of Power League Qualifiers. The team has lost a closely contested match in the quarterfinals of both Power League #1 (6th place finish) and #2 (8th place finish). Our eldest team will look to build some momentum during the three weeks of practice leading into Power League #3.


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