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Club Volleyball Tryouts
Saturday May 13th

Tryout Information

Looking for high level training? Register today!

Main Tryouts
Saturday May 13th
  • Tryout time slots and location are still TBD. 
Pre-Tryout Evaluation Clinic: 
Date & Location TBD
  • These clinics are free for all registrants of the tryout
  • Clinics used as an extra opportunity to watch 
Program Options
Full Travel Teams
  • Practice 4-5 times a week
  • Participate in two local tournaments
  • Participate in two travel tournaments
    • Anaheim June 16th-18th​
    • Orlando July 1st-4th
Anaheim Only Teams
  • Practice 4-5 times a week
  • Participate in two local tournaments
  • Participate in one travel tournament
    • Anaheim June 16th-18th
Local Training Groups
  • Practice 2 times a week
  • Participate in two local tournaments
    • In-House Tournament June 10th​
    • The Grass Man June 11th

Tryout Process  


1. Register for the tryout online.


2. Attend the tryout in person (or submit a video tryout) and run through our series of drills.

3. Coaches will evaluate players at the tryout and make offers to join a team during the tryout and 1-2 days after the tryout.

4. Teams will be finalized by May 16th.

Understanding the Commitment

  • Teams practice 4-5x a week 
  • Participate in 2 local tournaments
  • Play in 2 travel tournaments (SoCal & Orlando)
Costs- Club Dues will cover practice time, entry fees, coaches salaries. Dues do not include uniforms ($400) and travel costs.

Full Travel Teams: ~$1,500.00
Anaheim Only Teams: ~$1,100.00
Local Training Groups: ~$800.00

*Dues are set once entry fees and travel costs have been finalized


23 years. 40+ coaches. 240+ athletes.
The Silicon Valley's Boys-Only Volleyball Club

Coaching Staff


quality people 

through the sport of volleyball.

Club Costs
Club Dues:
~$1,500 for Full Travel
~$1,100 for Anaheim Only
~$800 for Local Training
Uniform Dues: $400
  • Full Travel & Anaheim teams only
Travel Costs: 
  • Hotels, flights, etc. are not included in dues.
Practice Schedule

Teams practice 4-5x a week from May-July in preparation for the National Championships.

Teams compete in two local tournaments and two travel tournaments (Anaheim & Orlando).

Training Groups practice 2x a week (mainly on Sat/Sun) and compete in two local tournaments.

What makes us different?

Hear from our Bay to Bay community

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 4.55.02 PM.png
Arielle Houlihan
Bay to Bay Club Director

"What makes Bay to Bay so special is the incredible coaching staff. I have never seen a more kind, encouraging, and motivated group of coaches at the youth level. I am inspired daily by their ability to create a positive learning environment that challenges our athletes to get out of their comfort zone and reach new heights."

Tryout registration
is open!

Join the club.

So much more than volleyball.

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