Outdoor Grass Volleyball Training

Program Information

Ready to start playing? Santa Clara County approved.

July 19th - August 7th
John D. Morgan & The Foundry
Ages 8 - 18 Years Old
Time Commitment

3 sessions a week. 

Each group will train:

  • One weeknight grass session 

  • Saturday indoor session

  • Sunday grass session

Grass Club FAQ's

Can I join if I didn't play for Bay to Bay in the Fall?
Yes! We are taking applications for new players to join Grass Club to fill open roster spots on our current groups regardless of club affiliations. There is no application fee.
Is grass volleyball good for indoor players? Absolutely! Grass volleyball is a fantastic cross-training tool for indoor players. Unlike indoors, groups will have three courts at their disposal. This maximizes the contacts for each athlete while allowing for a multiple styles of play (2v2, 3v3, and 6v6).​
Do athletes need to wear a mask while playing?

As of July 15th, for all practices in Santa Clara County athletes will need to wear a mask whenever they cannot be 6 feet apart while playing.


For all practices in San Mateo County (The Foundry) players must wear a mask into the facility but may remove their masks while playing.

Stable Groups  

Utilizing the same structure as our indoor club, we will group players by their age and experience levels (i.e. 16-1, 16-2, 16-Club).

Each group will have their own specific volleyballs and multiple courts to train on. These courts will be in their own distinct portion of the field with at least 50 feet of space between the next closest group.

High Level Training & Safety

Providing athletes a safe space to develop physically, mentally, and socially.

Safety Guidelines

Taking the steps

to ensure the safest possible environment.

Program Costs
Dues: $500.00 + $16 online processing fee
Grass Club T-Shirt
3-week session. July 19th through August 7th. This will lead directly into Fall indoor tryouts.
Practice Location

What makes us different?

Hear from our Bay to Bay community

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 4.55.02 PM.png
Arielle Houlihan
Bay to Bay Club Director

"What makes Bay to Bay so special is the incredible coaching staff. I have never seen a more kind, encouraging, and motivated group of coaches at the youth level. I am inspired daily by their ability to create a positive learning environment that challenges our athletes to get out of their comfort zone and reach new heights."

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