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NCVA Power League 1 Boys Club Volleyball Recap

It was a weekend full of action at Power League 1! We had 15 Bay to Bay teams get promoted or hold their current division seeds after the weekend. Highlights included 18-1's first place, 14-Premier 2nd place, and 12-Premier first victory!

Directors note: did you take any videos or photos at Power League #1? Make sure to share with Bay to Bay on our social media upload GroupMe (join here) so we can share amongst our boys club volleyball community!


12-1: lost two close matches in 3 sets against Red Rock 14’s and Lost Coast 14’s but finished the day strong with two nice wins over MVVC 12 Red. Special shout out to Carter Flynn who cheered on the team from the sidelines even though he couldn’t play a point due to a broken hand. We love the dedication!

12-Premier: picked up their first win of the season over MVVC 14 Colleen! The boys had three other close matches that they feel short in, including a 3 set loss to MVVC 14 Hole. Congrats on the first win boys!

13-1: the 13-1’s took down Lost Coast and NCVC 14-1 in straight sets to start the morning. They then had a 4 hour break 😅 before taking down Red Rock 14’s and Bay to Bay 14-Club in the Bronze division finals for promotion into the Silver division for Power League 2.

13-Premier: Coach Jon and Brendan’s team went 4-1 in the Silver division on the weekend and have been promoted into the Gold division. The boys had a highlight win over OMNI in the semi finals.

14-1: the 14-1’s went 1-3 in the Silver division at Power League 1 while playing up in the 16’s division. The boys lost two close 3-set matches in their morning pool to 15-Club and Core 16’s. The boys rebounded with a big 3-set win over MVVC 15 Black before falling to BAVC 15’s 20-25, 24-26.

14-Premier 🥈: Coach Colton and Cassie’s team finished in 2nd place during Power League 1. Their only losses came to 14’s division #1 seed Academy. It was a great showing from the boys avenging a PLQ loss to Eclipse and elevating their level of play with each match.

14-Club: The boys went 2-0 in their morning pool and then took down NCVC 14-1’s in 3 sets. They fell to Bay to Bay 13-1’s in the finals of the Bronze division and will be promoted to the silver division for Power League 2 because of their efforts!

15-1: Coach Matt and Kyle’s team went 2-2 in the Silver division of 18’s. The boys took down Red Rock 18’s in straight sets before falling to Apaches in 2. Moving into bracket play, the boys lost their first match against PacRim 18’s before defeating Slainte 17’s in three sets 24-26, 25-20, 15-12.

15-Premier: Coach Lacey and Emily’s team took care of business in their morning pool defeating Aloha 16-1 and MBVC 16’s. Moving into bracket play the boys continued their roll taking down Academy HP 15’s and then Slainte 16 Platinum. in the finals of the bronze division the boys fell short in a 2 set loss to MVVC 16-National.

15-Club: Coach Andrew and Kyle’s team went 2-0 in the morning pool taking down Bay to Bay 14-1 and Core 16’s in 3 sets. Moving into bracket play the boys lost a barn burner to Aspire 15’s and then ran out of steam against Absolute 16 Blue in the 18/20 matchup. They will remain in the Silver division for PL2.

16-1: From Coach Jones: “Great tournament for the 16-1’s. Finishing the day at 4-1 moving up to silver. Immediate individual improvement across the entire lineup. Need to get back in the gym for blocking eye work and defensive positioning.”

16-Premier: Coach Gregg and Natalie’s team went a competitive 0-2 in pool play losing a tight set to Bay to Bay 17-1 (23-25, 16-25) and a close match against MVVC 16 Red (21-25, 22-25). Moving into the “Bracket of Death” 16-Premier took down Rage 18-1 (25-18, 25-23) and then lost an epic battle with Dynamix 18’s for the chance to stay in Gold (25-20, 21-25, 14-16).

16-Club: Thoughts from coach Sean: “Bay to Bay 16-Club finished 2nd in the silver division. The team went 4-1, with all the wins being 3 set victories and the loss being the final game, a 2 set match to 15 to determine seeding for the next tournament.

Our 3rd game, the team lost the first set and were down 23-20 in the 2nd set. Cole Ng and Jack Baer had some good middle connections to save the set, leading to a 3 set victory. Aditya Nikalje and Aki McUyeno were solid on the outside and Henry Chen fit in well in his first tournament of year. 16-Club will start as the 11 seed in the gold division next tournament.”

16-National: Coach Ben and Ryan’s team went 2-2 on the weekend taking down SF Elite and NCVC 16-2 before falling to UC Elite 16’s and PcRim 16’s in bracket play. The boys will start PL2 as the #8 seed in Gold.

*Directors note: 16-National low light was when coaches Ben and Ryan ran out of gas on the way home from the tournament, which turned into a highlight when 15-Premier coach Lacey Gera rescued them by bringing them a canister of gas on the side of the highway. Great team work coaches 😂

17-1: Coach Arielle and Cos’ team went 3-1 on the weekend, their only loss was a close battle with NCVC 18-1 in the quarterfinals (19-25, 28-30). Special shout outs to Max Riter on his first tournament back from knee surgery and Sindhu Udhayakumar for making the drive up to Sacramento after completing the SAT test to make it for the final match of the day!

17-Premier: Coach Mason and Pin-Joe’s team went 1-1 in their morning pool before losing a tightly contested 3 set match with Apache in the quarterfinals. The boys rebounded to take down Absolute 18’s to overtake the #17 seed. They will remain in the Silver division for PL2.

17-Club: Coach Bryan and Katie’s team went 0-2 in their morning pool after losing a back and forth affair against OMNI 18-1 National (25-23, 18-25, 18-20). In the survivors bracket the boys dispatched of MVVC 15 Red in 2 sets but fell in 3 sets to BAVC 18’s (25-17, 25-27, 15-17) and will move down to the Aqua division for PL2.

18-1 🥇: Coach Ryan, Mason, and Sean’s team went a perfect 5-0 to take home first place at Power League 1. Battling through injuries, SATs, and Homecoming dances the 18-1’s showed off their depth with everyone contributing in multiple ways. Outside hitter Tyler Alden was an offensive weapon throughout the day and opposite Cameron Kosty turned on the gas from the service line during the bracket play push.

18-Premier: From coach Ryan Sullivan: “18-Premier had a great start to their day beating MVVC 17-Red in 2 sets. Being down in both sets late on the game the boys were able to rally back and finish strong playing great defense to close out the match. Hoping to take that momentum into the next match they lost a tough 2 setter to NCVC 18-1s. With everyone coming out 1-1 in the pool it was decided to Point Percentage. The boys lost out on clinching Gold Division by 1 point. Having to hear the devastating news right before being thrown into another match. The team played Dynamix in a 3-Set thriller but came up short 15-17 in the 3rd. Wanting to regroup before the next Power League Rage found themselves in the cross-hares of revenge. Winning the match in 2 and getting a stride back moving forward.

The team looks to improve on its middle of the set focus and serving errors. Power League 2 is going to be a great chance to move back up into the Gold Division.”

18-Club: Coach Ryan and Kyle’s team went 3-2 on the weekend and fell just short of promotion to the Silver division. The boys had a highlight win against MVVC 18 National and fell just short in against TVA. The boys will start PL2 as the 28th seed.


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