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Halloween Costume Winners

Each and every Fall the annual Halloween practice proves to be one of the most entertaining. Whether it be teams performing hitting lines in inflatable Kangaroo costumes or going through serve and pass in full Disney princess attire, there is always something to see.

Check out our costume contest winners as well as photos of all the teams below!


Best Coaches Costume:

This was a closely contested battle in the coaches voting between 18-1's assistant coach Ryan Smith who came dressed as Malibu's Most Wanted, 15-2's Peter Edwards in the Edna Mode outfit, and the tag-team costume of 15-1's Chad Gordon dressed as 13-1's Matt Alongi and Matt Alongi dressed as Chad Gordon.

In the end, the voting went in favor of Coach Matt Gordon... or Chad Alongi?

Best Team Costume:

It was a great year of coordinated costumes for our teams: the 16-2's brought creativity with their "BAY Watch" costumes and the 12-1's "waka-waka-ed" around the court in their Pacman outfits.

In the end, the 14-2's brought home the highly coveted Team Costume prize for their coordination of 12 Disney Princesses. They even got Coach Ricardo and Jon on board as Cinderella Princes!

For their efforts, the 14-2's will get a pizza party at practice!

Best Individual Costume:

The best individual costume went to Riley Wagner of the 17-1's team. Riley went viral over the weekend with over 40,000 views on his Halloween practice hitting lines in a Kangaroo costume. Check out the video below! For his efforts, Riley will get a limited edition Bay to Bay jacket of his choosing.

Check out all of the Bay to Bay team costumes below:


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