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The Joy of the Process

On my way to Bay to Bay practice, something became quite apparent to me; you can never out run the seemingly mundane and monotonous process that life is.


No matter which endeavor it might be, there is a process involved in getting you the desired goal. However, isn't it true that our goals, if we were to be quite honest with ourselves, are rarely achieved in their entirety. Needless to say, even when the goal is achieved we already move on to the next best thing to pursue.

Iv'e had the privilege to be apart of a National Championship winning volleyball program at UC Irvine. I can tell you with positivity that the moment you reach the peak of your success, you are already looking toward pursuing the next goal. The joy is in the process; in the pursuit of the goal. NOT the goal itself.


This is Jason's first season coaching with Bay to Bay. He spent four seasons coaching with Balboa Bay while playing collegiately at UC Irvine. Agopian won two National Championships with the Anteaters and represented the United States at the World University Games in 2015.


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