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Life Skill Practice

Every week, three times a week, our Bay to Bay players attend skill specific practices in addition to their team practices.

On Tuesdays: Pin Hitters.

On Wednesdays: Setters.

On Thursdays: Middles and Liberos.

For each session we run through skill progressions for their position, overviewing the fundamentals and layering more advanced skills on top of a strong foundation. These practices are hugely important in helping our athletes progress at a faster pace on the volleyball court.

bay to bay volleyball club matt houlihan

But what about off the volleyball court? How do these skills transfer?

Getting angry at a teammate, placing blame, giving up.

Bringing your team together, taking ownership, staying the course.

All of these are skills (or lack thereof).

The most important thing that we as coaches can do is to instill the knowledge in our players that they have the power to control their surroundings, and most importantly their reactions. The things they learn to do on the court directly relate to the things they will do in life.

We can teach them that temperament matters. Patience matters. Grit matters.

Volleyball is the tool that we use to develop quality young men. Athletes come to learn a sport, but they should leave with an understanding of the importance of hard work, discipline, and respect.

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