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This past weekend was a great one for Bay to Bay. All 15 teams were split amongst two locations, 11 teams at the San Jose Convention Center and 4 teams at the San Mateo Event Center. It is tournaments like these that we love so much as Club Directors - getting to see our teams supporting each other, younger teams getting to watch older teams, and not to mention shorter commutes ;-)


But this past weekend was even more special for one reason in particular, it was the return of Bay to Bay player Tanguy Cossoul.

For those of you that don't know -- back on April 16th, Bay to Bay player Tanguy Cossoul was in a devastating skiing accident at Kirkwood Ski Resort on the last turn, of the last run, of the last day of the ski season. Tanguy was airlifted from the mountain to Oakland where he fell into a coma. Throughout the entirety of this ordeal, the Cossoul family has remained strong.

After months of feeding tubes, ventilators, and surgeries Tanguy slowly but surely showed signs of progress in his sensory motion. Coupled by the tremendous support and positivity of his family and friends (check out their updates on their Facebook page here) Tanguy has taken incredible strides on the road to recovery.

His parents said it best on Tanguy's recovery page, "It's been quite the journey since, for him, and for us at his side. But today, we are simply happy and grateful to be planning with him his 16th birthday, and what Halloween costume he'll be wearing this year. Thank you again so much, to you amazing medical staff, friends and family, for all the love and support we received, and are still receiving today."

Over the weekend during Region Championships, Tanguy made his return to the volleyball gym. Going from court to court, Tanguy dropped by to see his younger brother (Nolann Cossoul of the 13-2's) and his old teammates play. We know we can speak for all when we say, it was amazing to see Tanguy back in the gym. The road to recovery is still long, but we know Tanguy and his family will continue to be a shining example of perseverance, positivity, and unconditional love.

As we all celebrate during this holiday season, we hope Tanguy provides a shining example of positivity and the power of a strong community. For those interested in helping Tanguy and children in critical condition just like him please consider donating to the UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital (linked here).


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