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Youth League

Youth League Mission:

The Bay to Bay youth league program is designed to minimize the time and monetary commitment of club volleyball to get more young kids playing the game in a fun and competitive environment!


Who plays?:

We have players coming from all over Northern California to learn from Bay to Bay coaches. The program is designed for players of varying skill levels, so whether it is your son's first time playing volleyball or his third year in the Youth League program he will have a place to learn and compete at an appropriate skill level!



The youth league teams practice every other week. Practices start on September 18th and are held entirely on weekends. The Youth League will participate in a Bay to Bay scrimmage against other Bay to Bay teams.

Power League vs. Youth League:

The main difference between the Power League and the Youth League is the commitment level. Power League teams practice 2-3 times a week and compete in 8 tournaments throughout the year (including 1 in Anaheim). There are beginners playing in both the Power League and the Youth League. Depending on the beginners commitment level, some players may be better suited for the Power League.


Are there tryouts for the Youth League?:

No, there are actually no tryouts for the Youth League program, it is merely a first-come first-serve registration program. But, it is recommended that players interested in playing in the Youth League attend tryouts for our Power League teams so that they can be properly evaluated by our coaches to see which program they would be best suited for. If you are offered a spot on a Power League team and wish to accept that spot, our staff will simply remove your reservation in the Youth League program. Players are not allowed to do both the Youth League and the Power League.


We aim to make Bay to Bay Youth League a meaningful introduction to organized club volleyball for not only the players, but parents as well!

Low Commitment Level

Time frame: August - December

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