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how to do that? A: I am using WPF. Click the Custom Control Library in the Toolbox and then in the View Menu, Open the window called "Create a Custom Control Library" and follow instructions. Inside that window it will ask you to create a class called MyCustomControl Then using Visual Studio drag and drop MyCustomControl.cs class to the form and add public method OnClick Add your code in this method. private void OnClick() { // Do your processing here } Hope it helps :) Q: How to make a common test page without duplicate code? I'm writing unit tests for a Rails application. Most of the tests I have currently are in a seperate controller (UnitsController), but I am moving the tests that make up my authentication portion of the site to a controller (AuthenticationController). In both my AuthenticationController and UnitsController I am using Capybara to run tests in a spec/ controller directory. The problem I am having is that since both controllers use the same test script, I am getting repeated code for what I consider to be a single thing. An example of the test would be: describe "get :new" do before(:each) do @user = FactoryGirl.create(:user) sign_in(@user) end it "should be successful" do get :new response.should be_success end This code is repeated in both controllers. How can I make this test common to both controllers so I can cut down on my code without having to keep things in sync? You can extract the common code into a shared_helper and then include it in both controllers. Then the test becomes: describe "get :new" do before(:each) do @user = FactoryGirl.create(:user)




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