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SCVA West Coast Classic Recap

The first travel tournament of the Summer season was a great success for Bay to Bay as a whole. The West Coast Classic serves as a tune up tournament leading into Boy's Junior National Championships where teams can see where they stand against the National competition.

While competing against some of the top teams in the country, our Bay to Bay teams showed tremendous growth and promise. Our 14-1's and 12-1's teams both lost extremely close 3-set matches in the Finals of the tournament and our 15-1's squad brought home the Bronze in another closely contested three set battle. Checkout the full results for all teams below:

Bay to Bay 12-1

Coach Alongi and Coach Joel guided the 12-1's to the finals of the tournament this past weekend, narrowly losing a third set match 15-17. Over the course of the weekend the team went 6-3 and will look to carry that momentum into the 12's division at Junior Nationals.

Bay to Bay 12-2

Coach Nathan and Brendan had the most entertaining sideline of the entire club. From the parents, to the coaches, to players on the bench everyone was smiling and engaged. The team went 2-6 on the weekend and almost beat our Bay to Bay 12-1's, narrowly losing in the third set.

12-2's huddle up during a timeout

Bay to Bay 13-1

The 13-1's team had a very strong showing in the 14-Open division, finishing tied for 9th place losing in the first round of gold. On the weekend, the 13-1's went 6-3, defeating two 14-Open qualified teams and winning a strong head-to-head against Balboa Bay 13-1's.

Bay to Bay 13-2

The 13-2's team went 5-6 on the weekend, finishing 41st out of 91 14-under teams. Coach Josh and Dalton's squad played in four 3-set matches this weekend while playing up an age division. We are extremely excited to see the boys take on the 13's division in Dallas.

Bay to Bay 14-1

This squad took home the silver medal this past weekend falling just short in the finals against the #1 ranked Balboa Bay 14's team. Coach Frank and Allie were very pleased with the grit of their team while playing without a few players due to injury and sickness. The boys found a way to not only stick together, but thrive.

14-1's Tyler Rivas wins the joust against MB Surf in the semi finals.

Bay to Bay 14-2

Coach Ricardo and Jon's team finished in the Silver division with a record of 5-5 on the weekend with big wins against WAVE and AZ Fear on the final day of play. The coaches were extremely pleased with how the team improved throughout the course of the weekend and never gave up in any of the matches, even coming back from being down 0-8 in a third set!

Bay to Bay 14-Club

The 14-Club team played one of the toughest schedules in the entire tournament: squaring off against the #2 overall seed MB Surf on Day 1, then moving into a pool with the #1 overall seed Balboa Bay on Day 2, only to then cross over with the #2 seed MB Surf again in the PM wave. Coach Kevin and Attila's squad held their own and advanced into the top half, finishing at 29th place with a record of 3-6.

Bay to Bay 14-Summer

The 14-Summer team concluded their modified Summer season at the SCVA Classic this weekend and they sure were fun to watch! Coach BJ, Kevin, and Lacey's group did a tremendous job of implementing a team system in a matter of weeks. They finished the tournament with a record of 4-6 and beat teams that had been playing together for more than a year! At one point in the tournament, the 14-Summer team had the largest crowd in the gym as four other Bay to Bay teams crowded their court during a three set match.

Bay to Bay 15-1

The 15-1's played some extremely high level volleyball throughout the course of the weekend. Coach Chad, Russell, and Mason had the boys dialed in to a new lineup and things are really starting to click. The team finished the tournament in third place with a record of 8-2, we can't wait to see them continue to improve over the next few weeks!

Bay to Bay 15-2

In their day one pool the 15-2's nearly knocked off the #3 overall seed OCVC in a 3-set match, and then followed it up by narrowly knocking off the #18 seed in an even closer 3-setter. All in all, the 15-2's went 7-4 on the weekend and made some great strides as a team. They will compete in the 15-Club division of BJNC.

Bay to Bay 15-Club

Coach Jarrod and John's team went 6-6 on the weekend. Nicknamed the "Cardiac Kids", the 15-Club team went to a third set in 7 of their 12 matches. This group works their tails off, and we cant wait to see them continue to do so as they get back to training for Junior Nationals!

Bay to Bay 16-1

The 16-1's were able to see the majority of the top teams in SoCal this past weekend in preparation for Junior Nationals. In their day 2 and 3 power pools they played against 6 teams that placed in the top-5 of Junior Nationals last season. The team went 8-4 on the weekend, finishing in 13th place.

Bay to Bay 16-2

Coach Chris and Jordan's team embraced the challenge of playing in the Open division this past weekend. The boys finished in 27th place while competing against a number of Open qualified teams. This high level of play was a tremendous learning tool for the team. We can't wait to see what the 16-2's have in store for Dallas where they will compete in the 16-Club division!

Bay to Bay 17-1

The 17-1's team went 5-5 on the weekend, finishing in 17th pace in the 17 Open division. Coach Beau, Hillary, and Bryan's team went to three sets in 6 of their 10 matches (Happy Father's Day dads ;). Coach Beau noted that he saw some great things from the team during the weekend and can't wait to get back to work in the practice gym. The 17-1's will compete in the 17-Club division at Junior Nationals.

17-1's celebrate a point on Day 1 of the West Coast Classic

Bay to Bay 18-2

Coach Josh and Sam's team finished in 7th place of the 18-USA division this past weekend. The team feel short in their Gold challenge match before losing in the first round of Silver. Throughout the course of the weekend, the team went 6-4 and competed a very high level!

Bay to Bay 18-1

The 18-1's finished in 17th place at this weekends tournament, going 5-6 on the weekend. Over the course of the tournament the team got to match up with 4 separate teams that made the Gold bracket at last years BJNC.

18's await the National Anthem on Day 2


Check out all of our Bay to Bay team results using the following link:

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