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Power League 4 Recap

It was a great weekend of volleyball for the club after the extended Thanksgiving break. Eleven of our teams moved up or held their division rankings, including five appearances in the division finals. Check out how all of the teams fared in the Power League 4 recap below:


Bay to Bay 18-1

The 18-1’s finished in 3rd place at Power League 4 behind a strong overall team showing. Highlights included Middle Blocker Justin Ebner filling in at the Opposite position while the team was without all three rostered right sides Freddy Batiratu, Shane Atkins, and Cash Adamsen. The team will carry the #2 overall seed into Region Championships at the San Jose Convention Center.

Bay to Bay 18-2

The 18-2’s battled hard throughout Power League 4, but eventually fell in the finals of the contenders bracket. Highlights included a back and forth match in the semi-finals of the contenders bracket in which the 18-2’s won 14-16 in the third set.

Bay to Bay 17-1

The 17-1’s secured their place in the finals of the 18-under division after a series of highly competitive matches. After going 1-1 in the morning pool (only losing to Bay to Bay 18-1’s), the boys went on a tear upsetting the #2 overall seed in straight sets and then winning a marathon match in the semi-finals before falling short in the Power League 4 finals. The 17-1’s will be traveling to Southern California on December 15-16 to compete in the SCVA Holiday Classic in Anaheim.

Bay to Bay 17-2

The 17-2’s split their morning pool matches and advanced into the top bracket. They lost the semi-finals matchup by a score of 22-25, 21-25. The 17-2’s will enter Region Championships with a seed in the range of 35-39.

Bay to Bay 16-1

The 16-1’s went 1-1 in their morning pool, upsetting the #6 overall seed. The #6 seed then went on to upset the #3 seed which pushed the 16-1’s into the contenders bracket of the 18’s Gold division. The team would drop their next two matches in the contenders bracket to finish 12th. Coach Steve and Javi’s team showed tremendous grit playing up in the 18’s division, they will now move back into the 16’s division while competing at the SCVA Holiday Classic in Anaheim.

Bay to Bay 16-2

Coach Chris and Ryan’s team took huge strides at Power League 4 with their highest finish of the season at 4th place. The boys split their morning pool to move into the top half of the bracket. From there, the 16-1’s overtook the #2 overall seed in a 3-set battle before losing to Bay to Bay 15-1’s in the semi-finals. The boys finished up the day with a closely contested loss in the 3/4 match. The 16-2’s will enter Region Championships on December 15-16 with a seed in the 4-7 range.

Bay to Bay 15-1

Coach Chad and Jason’s team went 4-1 at Power League 4, losing an epic match in the finals of the 16-under division by the score of 25-23, 24-26, 13-15. The 15-1’s continue to play fearless volleyball, and have shown great strides throughout the course of the season. The team will carry the #3 overall seed into Region Championships at San Mateo Events Center.

Bay to Bay Volleyball Theo Snoey Tyler Rivas Zach Namimatsu
15-1's Theo Snoey goes up to attack against 14-1's Tyler Rivas and Zach Namimatsu

Bay to Bay 15-2

The 15-2’s split their morning pool, upsetting the top seed in the Silver division and came out in 2nd place in a 3-way tie. While in the top half of the bracket, the 15-2’s lost a close match in the quarter finals (22-25, 20-25) and then fell short in the 18/19 seed game. The 15-2’s will carry a seed in the range of 25-27 into Region Championships.

Bay to Bay Volleyball Peter Edwards Ohio State Volleyball 15-2
Coach Peter and the 15-2's prepare to play the 15-1's

Bay to Bay 15-Club

Coach Jarrod and Alec’s team had a great weekend, going 4-1 in Sacramento and eventually losing in the finals of the Aqua division. The team swept their morning pool of 4 in straight sets and then won the semi-finals matchup in dramatic come from behind fashion. After the losing the first set 17-25, Coach Jarrod and Alec made some adjustments and the boys stormed back to win 26-24, 15-12 and secure a place in the finals. With time dwindling, the boys played a 1-set playoff in the finals and lost by the score of 18-25.

Bay to Bay Volleyball Jarrod Jordan Alec Chambers NCVA 15-Club
Coach Alec (left) and Jarrod (right) prepare the 15-Club team for their next match

Bay to Bay 14-1

The 14-1’s went 2-2 on the weekend while competing in the Gold division of 16-under age group. The team lost both of their morning pool matches against the #4 and #5 seeds in the division, but Coach Frank and Allie rallied the troops as they battled through the contenders bracket, defeating the #9 and #13 ranked 16’s teams in straight sets to remain in the Gold division at 9th place. The 14-1’s will make the move back to the 14’s division as they head down to Anaheim to compete in the SCVA Holiday Classic on December 15-16.

Bay to Bay 14-2

The 14-2’s brought their best team showing at Power League #4 with a 2nd place finish in the Gold division. The boys split their morning pool and entered the top half of the bracket as the #5 seed. From there, they went on to upset the #3 overall seed in straight sets, then knocked off the #2 seed (Bay to Bay 13-1’s) in a 3-set battle. The 14-2’s lost in the finals 24-26, 22-25 and will carry the #4 overall seed into Region Championships.

Bay to Bay Volleyball 14-2 15-Club NCVA
14-2's taking on the 15-Club team at the Bay to Bay Mini-Tournament

Bay to Bay 14-Club

Coach Ryan and Chris’ team has continued their steady growth throughout the Power League season. At Power League 4 the 14-Club team went 2-2, splitting their morning pool. In the first round of the top bracket, the 14-Club team lost 18-25, 27-29 to the #1 overall seed. The boys quickly rebounded, winning the 6/7 seed matchup by the score of 22-25, 25-12, 15-13. Coach Ryan spoke highly of the teams progress, pointing out their consistent presence in the Gold division — 14-Club finished in 7th place or higher of every single Power League!

Bay to Bay 14-Club Ryan Reshke Volleyball Nor Cal Vision MVVC
Bay to Bay 14-Club has placed 7th place or higher in every Power League this season

Bay to Bay 13-1

The 13-1’s went 3-1 on the weekend, falling to their club “frenemies” the 14-2’s team by a score of 18-25, 25-20, 12-15 in the semi-finals. Coach Alongi praised his middle blockers for their performance on Saturday, saying “Our middles showed great connection with the setters. They all worked hard to be up on time and available to swing”. The 13-1’s will carry the #2 overall seed into Region Championships on December 15-16.

Bay to Bay 13-2

The 13-2’s were back in the Gold division for Power League 4 and showed great signs of improvement. In the morning pool, Coach Josh and Dalton’s team were two points away from an upset of the #6 overall seed (22-25, 25-22, 13-15). From there, the boys moved into the Contenders bracket where they lost both matches in two sets. The 13-2’s never dropped below the #12 seed for the entirety of Power League in the 14’s division!

Bay to Bay 13-2 volleyball northern California NCVA
Bay to Bay 13-2's look on during the Mini-Tournament

Bay to Bay 12-1

America’s team went 4-0 on the weekend, winning the Silver bracket in dramatic fashion. Three of their four matches came down to a decisive third set, and the 12-1’s swept all three! Coach Evan and Lacey’s squad will enter Region Championships with a seed in the range of 12-14.

Power League 4 Highlights

  • Bay to Bay had 11 teams move up or hold their current division placement after Power League 4.

  • Every 14-under Bay to Bay team made the Gold division at some point during Power League.

  • Bay to Bay 13-1’s, 15-1’s and 17-1’s are the only “odd age” teams to reach a finals across all age divisions.

  • In the Bay to Bay coaches fantasy football league, 17-1’s Beau Barron and 13-1’s Matt Alongi sit atop the leaderboard with records of 10-2. For those keeping track at home, 17-2’s Kevin Tran remains winless at 0-12.

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