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Power League #2 Recap

It was a busy weekend of volleyball in Northern California. Our 19 teams were spread out across the region with 13 teams playing in San Mateo and 6 teams playing in Sacramento. After Power League #2, nine Bay to Bay teams will be competing in the Gold division of their respective divisions.

Reminder: did you take any videos or photos at Power League #2? Make sure to share with Bay to Bay on our social media upload GroupMe (join here).


Bay to Bay 18-1: Our eldest team ran the table again with an impressive 5-0 weekend to capture their second Power League title of the season. After Power League 1 the teams intention was to do a better job "starting" each match and pushing to get an early lead. Only one time on the weekend did a team get to 10 points before the 18-1's which was a testament to the focus of the collective group.

18-1's pose for a photo after winning Power League #2

Bay to Bay 18-Premier: Coach Josh and Ryan's squad finished up the weekend in 10th place and will move into the Silver division for Power League #3. The boys played some great matches, including carrying a 23-19 lead against the 18-1's in their first set but ultimately fell in the 9/10 matchup (to stay in gold) in a closely contested (28-26, 24-26, 11-15) matchup against Dynamix.

Bay to Bay 18-Club: Coach Ryan and Pin-Joe's team went 1-3 on the weekend and will drop to the Bronze division for Power League #3 after falling just short in a 3-set matchup (25-21, 18-25, 15-12) against Lakas to stay in the Silver division.

Bay to Bay 17-1: Coach Chad and Alex's team finished the weekend in 3rd place of the 18's division going 3-1 losing only to the 18-1's in the semi finals. According to coach Chad and Alex, the boys were able to show their high ceiling in terms of level of play, the goal now is to continue to develop the team system to maintain a high level of consistency as well.

Bay to Bay 17-Premier: Coach Lavelle and Dylan's squad went 3-1 on the weekend defeating NCVC 17-1 and MVVC 18 National which will move the boys up into the Gold division for Power League 3. After watching the boys play it was clear to see that a balanced offense and focus on defensive intensity powered their way through the Silver division. Go check out one of their highlight plays on our Bay to Bay Instagram.

Bay to Bay 17-Club: With coach Kyle at the helm the team went 3-2* on the weekend and will move up into the Silver division for Power League 3. After a slow start in the morning against Absolute 18's the boys were able to rally and take down PRVA 18-1, NICVC 18-1, and MVVC 15-Red. With their final match running 3 hours behind (and a number of boys having Homecoming that evening) the team decided to flip a coin for the final match (since both teams were advancing to Silver). The boys went with heads, but the coin toss came back with tails so they "lost" their final match 25-0. Lesson learned: tail never fails.

Bay to Bay 16-1: Coach Arielle and Alongi's team finished in 4th place of the 18's division after taking down Core 18 Elite and MVVC 17 Red. The boys fell in the semi finals to MVVC 16 Red and then matched up against Bay to Bay 17-1's in the 3/4 matchup. After a nearly 12 hour day in the gym, the matchup against the 17-1's was one of the most entertaining of the day as both squads proceeded to put on a show and play loose and free. While there were some silly errors made, there was a ton of awesome plays made on both sides of the net which made for a fun finish to the day.

Bay to Bay 16-Premier: Coach Gregg, Natalie, and Emily's team went 2-2 on the weekend and will stay in the Bronze division of 18's for Power League #3. The boys took down Bay to Bay 15-1's and MVVC 17 National. In the match to advance to the Silver bracket, the boys battled closely with Red Rock 17 Taylor (18-25, 26-24, 10-15).

Bay to Bay 16-Club: Coach Lacey and Jacob's team finished 3rd at Power League #2. The squad took first in their morning pool, defeating Lakas 15's and Bay to Bay 16-National. The team quickly dispatched the Bay to Bay 15-Premier team in 2 sets before getting knocked by NCVC 16-1's in the semi finals. In the 3/4 matchup the team was able to rally and take down TVC 16-1's in 3-sets (25-19, 23-25, 15-11).

Bay to Bay 16-National: Coach Teddy and Bryan's team went 1-3 on the weekend and will stay in the Gold division for Power League #3. After splitting their two pool play matches the 16-National team moved into the top bracket where they dropped matches to Absolute 16 Blue and MVVC 16 Black. The coaches shared, "We saw major improvements throughout the tournament. Special shout out to Anthony and Ryan for some huge blocks in our losses to Bay to Bay 16-Club and Absolute".

Bay to Bay 15-1: Coach Frank, Allie, and Javi's team went 1-3 on the weekend while playing in the 18's division. They lost their two morning matchups against Bay to Bay 16-Premier and Slainte but they ended the day on a high note avenging a previous loss to Pacific Rim 18's. The boys will move to the Aqua division of 18's for Power League #3.

Bay to Bay 15-Premier: Coach Colton and Cassie's team went 1-3 on the weekend. They defeated Omni 16 Charles to split their pool and advance to the top half. They lost in the quarterfinals to Bay to Bay 16-Club (18-25, 18-25) and then fell to BAVC 16 Reza in the 5/8 matchup.

Bay to Bay 15-Club: Coach Zac and Kyle's team went 3-1 on the weekend and continues their ascent in the 16's division now moving into Bronze. The boys took down TVA 16's, Lakas 16's, and UC Elite 16's. Their only loss came at the hands of Dynamix 16 Black.

Bay to Bay 14-1: Coach Arin and Alex's team were the cardiac kids this weekend with every single one of their matches going to 3 sets. They boys took first place in their morning pool based upon point ratio. From there they lost their two playoff matches in the 16's division to Aloha 16 Gold and Slainte 16 Platinum. Coach Arin said he was proud of the team, saying "My guys worked HARD today, they were dead tired by the end of the tournament".

Scores from the 14-1's (cardiac kids) weekend

Bay to Bay 14-Premier: Coach Jon and Brendan's team went took home first place in the 14-under division going an amazing 5-0 on the weekend! Coach Jon and Brendan said they were proud of the focus and determination of their squad on the weekend. "The boys really wanted to win, and they were able to stay focused on what we've been practicing over the past few weeks. It feels great to see their hard work culminate in a tournament win".

Bay to Bay 14-Club: Coach Andrew and Katie's team went 3-1 on the weekend and improved their seed in the Gold division by 5 spots. The boys took first in their morning pool taking down MVVC 13 Red and Lakas 14's but lost to Lakas 14's in the quarterfinals. The boys finished the tournament on a high note winning a close match against Aspire 13's (24-26, 25-22, 15-8).

Bay to Bay 13-1: Coach Mason and John's team went 1-3 on the weekend and and will move down into the Bronze bracket for Power League 3. The boys lost a close 3-set match with MVVC 14 Black to move into the Consolation bracket before losing to NorCal 14-1's in the first round. The boys did end on a high note, defeating Slainte 14 Platinum in 3-sets (25-18, 13-25, 15-13).

Bay to Bay 13-Premier: Coach Sean and Andrew's team went 4-1 on the weekend and will move into the Bronze division of 14's. Coach Sean shared this story, "We had to win our last match of the day to move up into Bronze. The game went to 3 sets and set 3 was starting we became the last team playing in the gym. After having momentum from winning set 2, we started set 3 going down 1-5 but were able to turn it around with an 8 point serving run to take the lead and the match. They were shutting the lights off in the gym as we were taking our shoes off 😂".

Bay to Bay 12-1: Coach BJ and Arin's team (aka America's Team 🇺🇸) made it to the finals of the Bronze division and will move into the Silver division at Power League #2! America's team made us proud with their amazing serve and pass skills and general ability to play the game so well at such a young age.

Who had the best performance of Power League #2?

  • 18-1

  • 18-Premier

  • 18-Club

  • 17-1

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