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Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day to all of our Bay to Bay dads out there! On behalf of our entire coaching staff, it is an honor and a privilege to work with such a tremendous group of boys such as your sons. To celebrate, we wanted to say thanks to a few individual Bay to Bay dads:


Doug Brooks

Father of 14-1’s player Nathan Brooks, Doug has been a dedicated behind the scenes contributor to Bay to Bay. Both as a team supporter and as an extremely talented photographer as well!

Doug can be found on the sidelines snapping awesome photographs, not just of his sons team, but of any Bay to Bay team that comes across his path. You can see his work all around our website, social media channels, and even more on his website: Doug Brooks Bay to Bay Photographs

If you see Doug be sure to give him a big smile and a handshake for capturing so many incredible moments and memories for our players and parents.

Chris Chu

Chris and his wife Faye were Bay to Bay team parents for his son Jordan’s team for over three years. Chris’ positive approach to life and his giving nature served Bay to Bay well in his role as team parent.

After his son Jordan graduated last year, we were lucky enough to have Chris join the staff and head coach our 14-2’s team. With over two decades of volleyball coaching and playing experience, Chris has quickly become one of our players (and coaches) favorites.

His infectious personality brings a smile to everyone he comes into contact with. Now during the Summer season, Chris and his son Jordan are reunited and coaching the 14-2’s together. Chris takes his job as a role model and educator seriously, putting the Bay to Bay mission into action by “Developing quality people through the sport of volleyball”.

Jason Smith

Father of 13-1’s player Owen Smith, Jason and his family have been apart of the club for over 4 years. From the first day Jason walked into the gym, he has gone out of his way to take care of the people around him. Whether it be welcoming new families into the club, supporting other Bay to Bay teams, or just simply providing a smile and a wave Jason has helped make Bay to Bay a better place.

As well, he and his wife Tanya have single handedly set the bar for Bay to Bay tailgates. With a double sized pop-up tent, roll out carpeting, and nutritious food. On very special occasions the flat screen TV with Slingbox even makes an appearance.

Scott Morris

Scott was a Bay to Bay parent for years watching his son Zach rise through the age groups. After the final season of his son Bay to Bay career he approached us as Club Directors with an idea he had about how to help Bay to Bay become better.

Over a cup of coffee Scott laid out his vision for a parent resource within the club. Something or someone that could help provide information, guidance, and best practices to parents and team parents within Bay to Bay. Quite simply, it was amazing to see how passionate Scott was in his desire to help the parents, players, coaches, and club as a whole even after his son had graduated from our program.

Over the course of a few weeks and many more cups of coffee Scott helped pave the way for the position of Parent Liaison. A gifted communicator and overall great human being, Scott's dedication to Bay to Bay's parents is unmatched.


Thank you again to all of our Bay to Bay Dad’s, getting to know the parents of our players is one of the coolest parts of coaching. Bay to Bay is proud to serve such an incredible team (players, coaches, and parents!).


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