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Halloween Costume Contest 2021

Our favorite practice of the year!

Our Bay to Bay teams absolutely killed it over the weekend with their team costumes. We had some of the most creative themes we have ever seen during this years Halloween practice, which will make the social media vote for "Best Team Costume" even more interesting! Check out all of the costumes below, and vote for your favorite team costume on Instagram and TikTok.

Bay to Bay 18-1 "Ghosts"

Bay to Bay 18-Premier "Telletubbies"

Bay to Bay 17-1 "Boss Babies"

Bay to Bay 17-Premier "Shark Attack"

Bay to Bay 17-Club "Montero"

Bay to Bay 16-1 "Emo"

Bay to Bay 16-Premier "Cowboys"

Bay to Bay 16-Club "Spidermen"

Bay to Bay 15-1 "Coach Chads"

Bay to Bay 15-Premier "Pokemon"

Bay to Bay 15-Club "Avengers"

Bay to Bay 14-1 "Average Joes"

Bay to Bay 14-Premier "Distance Learning"

Bay to Bay 14-Club "Squid Game"

Bay to Bay 13-1 "Avengers"

Bay to Bay 13-Premier "Haikyuu"

Bay to Bay 12-1 "Haikyuu"

Head over to Instagram to cast your vote for your favorite team costume of the year! The top-2 teams will be posted on TikTok to decide the final champion of the team costume contest.


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