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Halloween Costume Contest 2019

The Halloween Costume Contest has quickly become one of our favorite events of the season. Each and every year it seems like our teams one-up themselves in their effort and creativity. As well, it never gets old seeing players go through hitting lines in a blowup T-Rex costume :D

Check out the winners of our contests below, along with photos of all of our Bay to Bay teams costumes!


Best Coaches Costume: This years race came down to 16-Club Head Coach Joshua Stewart and 15-Club coaches Kevin and Jason Tran. Coach Josh came fully dressed as a PG&E worker and went as far as turning the lights off in the gym during his practice. Coach Kevin and Jason came dressed in full Walter White garb and titled their costume as "Breaking Bad (Volleyball) Habits".

In the end, the coaches vote crowned Coach Kevin and Jason as the champions:

Breaking Bad (Volleyball) Habits

Best Individual Costume: This years best individual costume also played in perfectly to his teams theme of "Fruit Ninjas". Toby Lee of the 13-1's team absolutely crushed it as an Avocado. We did have to do some background research to confirm that an avocado is in fact a fruit (Google said yes, therefore it is true). For his individual efforts, Toby will receive one of the new Bay to Bay 18's jackets.

Best Team Costume: While all teams did a fantastic job coordinating their costumes, there were a few teams that went above and beyond in pursuit of the winners pizza party. Our runner-up team was Coach Arin and Mark's 16-2's who spent a full hour before practice blowing up a dozen large inflatable animal props to go along with their dress up theme of "Bay 16-Lost Safari".

In the end, the 12-1's proved to strong (and cute) to overcome in their Lord of the Rings "Half Ling" costumes. The cherry on top was Coach Chris in the full Gandalf the Grey outfit. For their efforts, the 12-1's will get a pizza party after an upcoming practice!


Check out all of our teams costumes from this past weekend below!

Happy Halloween from Club Directors Arielle & Matt!


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