Enthusiasm is common.

Endurance is rare.

In this weeks Bay to Bay book club we are going through chapters 4-6 of the book Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth. In these chapters, we are challenged as readers to take a deep look into ourselves to calculate our Grit score (you can take this quick test to see your score). Keep in mind that your Grit score is a reflection of how you see yourself right now, and this can change with time, training, and execution of a few principles.

Few people have the ability to remain steadfast in their pursuit for greatness. While one day your world is set afire with this pursuit, your desire may fade with the months, weeks, or even days. It is the ability and decision to invest in the long term that shows the true grit of an individual as they overcome setbacks, struggles, and fatigue.

Interested in joining our conversation on Grit this Wednesday? Shoot us a message on social media or send us an email to hello@b2bvolleyball.com to get the Zoom conference link!

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