Book Club: Outliers

In our second edition of Bay to Bay Book Club we will be overviewing the perennial best seller: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

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In this book, Gladwell engagingly analyzes what it takes to become “successful,” which is a loaded term in and of itself. The book is filled with fascinating facts gathered from psychology, sociology, and economics on what contributes to a person’s being successful in life.

Gladwell also presents some fascinating facts about what it takes to become an expert and discusses the now infamous “10,000 Hour Rule”. The many ideas in this book can help you to be a better athlete, coach, and person by learning to focus more on effort than innate abilities. Focusing too much on immutable abilities as the key to success can stunt our growth (or that of our children) and, ironically, undermine the very success we are trying to foster.

How to read this book:

  1. You can purchase Outliers from Amazon or practically any local book store.

  2. You can utilize Audible or other reading apps like Scribd

When to read this book:

We will be reading two chapters per week and discussing the topics every Wednesday on Zoom. Miss a meeting? We post all of our discussions on YouTube.

  • May 20th: Chapters 1-2

  • May 27th: Chapters 3-4

  • June 3rd: Chapters 5-6

  • June 10th: Chapters 7-8

  • June 17th: Chapters 9-10

Join the discussion:

Every Wednesday at 3:15 pm we will be discussing the material that was overviewed in the assigned chapters. This Book Club Zoom link will be the same for all 5 discussion sessions.

These meetings are a great opportunity to gain new perspective, dive deeper into topics, and connect with other people! Check out our first meeting below:

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