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A Letter to My 14-Year-Old Self

Dear Brett,

Hey yeah it’s me, Brett, from the future. How do you know it’s actually me, you may ask? Well, even though mom deemed it too “racy” for you, in the 4th grade you would watch the TV show Glee on your iPad after she put you to bed. Yeah. It’s me. Let me answer some preemptive questions I know you have: Nope, still no flying cars. No, you do not get more attractive. No, playing video games is not a career yet. Yeah, I guess Batman is still “cool.” (Depends on what you consider cool) Yes, salsa still exists. (That’s a weird question, Brett) Yes, your dog Fergie is still around, but, she is a bit fatter. And yes, you do get taller.


If you could do me a solid, Brett, study just one more hour for your Algebra final. The B that you get in the class does not help at all in the college process. Speaking of college, don’t forget this is your last year with your sister Taylor at home. Spend more time with her, take her to the beach, make some cookies with her, do everything in your power to make her happy.

Go thank your mom for everything she has done for you. She drives you everywhere, gets you doctor’s appointments when you’re sick, makes your lunch every day, cooks when your friends come over, sees every single one of your volleyball games, (even the unbearable ones) and loves you unconditionally. Cherish every moment with her, because one day you’re going to realize that you will be 2,679 miles away from her in the fall of your freshman year of college, and that will scare you.

You don’t even know some of your closest friends. They’ll come and go, but you can feel it when you meet a friend that will be there forever. Stop worrying about what people think of you and have some confidence in yourself.

Everything works out in the end, and if it hasn’t worked out yet, it’s not the end.

Enjoy each and every practice, each and every tournament, each and every person at Bay to Bay. What I wouldn’t give to witness that one time you shanked a ball off your platform during a serve and it hit a burrito out of a woman’s hands. What I wouldn’t give to see Ethan Coon take off his sweats thinking he had his shorts on, only to reveal himself in his underwear to the entire crowd. What I wouldn’t give to call Kyle Bugee names when we would scrimmage his team during practice despite them being two years older. Enjoy it all, Brett.

No one ever tells you that you’re in the good old days until you’ve actually left them.

Enjoy everything and stop worrying, Brett.



P.S. You’ll get over your crush on Coach Arielle, don’t worry.


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