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Positional Clinics

Positional Clinics Information

Position specific coaching. Technical feedback and reps!

West Valley College
14000 Fruitvale Ave, Saratoga
Ages 11 - 18 Years Old
Clinic Schedule
  • Serve/Pass/Attack (February 11th)

  • Setting & Attacking (February 18th)

  • All Skills (February 25th)

  • Attack/Block/Pass (March 4th)

  • Blocking & Defense (March 11th)

  • Serve/Pass/Attack (March 18th)

  • Setting & Attacking (March 25th)

  • All Skills (April 1st)

  • Attack/Block/Pass (April 15th)

  • Blocking & Defense (April 22nd)

  • Serve/Pass/Attack (April 29th)

Positional Clinic FAQ's

Which age groups can participate?
All age groups can participate in these sessions. We break players into small groups based upon their age and experience level so that everyone is appropriately challenged.

Do I have to sign up for all of the sessions? No! we offer customizable clinic packages where you only register for the dates you can/want to attend.
Do I have to be a part of Bay to Bay? No! All athletes regardless of club affiliation are able to register and join our Positional Clinics.
How many athletes participate in these clinics? We cap registration at 60 athletes for each Positional Clinics. This ensures that we have a high coach to player ratio and that there is enough spacing on each court.

What to expect.  

Bay to Bay Positional Clinics are mini camps that focus on a few key areas of the game. These narrow focuses allow our athletes to dive into a skill deeper than would ever have before.


Athletes can expect a very technical approach to training where the skills are broken down and then reinforced through high repetition drills. These skills are then tested in 6 on 6 drills and environments.

The Best Introduction to Club Volleyball

Come see why over 300+ young men compete and train with Bay to Bay each year

Coaching Staff


quality people 

through the sport of volleyball.

What to Bring
Water Bottle
Athletic Clothes/Shoes
Positive attitude
Clinic Location

What makes us different?

Hear from our Bay to Bay community

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 4.55.02 PM.png
Arielle Houlihan
Bay to Bay Club Director

"What makes Bay to Bay so special is the incredible coaching staff. I have never seen a more kind, encouraging, and motivated group of coaches at the youth level. I am inspired daily by their ability to create a positive learning environment that challenges our athletes to get out of their comfort zone and reach new heights."

Register for
Positional Clinics.

Join the fun.

So much more than volleyball.

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