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Parents play an integral role on every Bay to Bay team. To help ensure a positive experience for not just the players and coaches, Bay to Bay has an on-staff parent liaison whose role includes:

  • Serving as an on-staff resource specifically for parents

  • Collaborating with team parents to go over best practices

  • Providing clarity on club procedures

  • Maintaining an open line of communication for parents with questions about club activities, services, or events

Get in touch with the parent liaison via email, text, or phone call:


Meet our Parent Liaison

Scott Morris, a Bay to Bay parent alum, will serve as Bay to Bay's first ever Parent Liaison. Scott has worked in leadership and communication roles for over 25 years, including most recently with two tech software startups. Scott's professional focus has revolved around high value and high impact relationship management, as well as team building and enablement.

"I was a parent of a Bay to Bay player for 3 years and had the opportunity to experience a range of highs and lows watching my son play volleyball. This included times where he was a key contributor to his team's success, and times where I watched him watch others play volleyball (i.e. riding the pine). As a parent, it is both energizing and difficult to watch your son play and grow and struggle. I love that I have the opportunity to see Bay to Bay become known not only for its unique volleyball and coaching culture, but to see it become known for it's parent engagement and community, and to see the club, coaches, and parents become better...together."

-Scott  Morris


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