COVID-19 Information & Resources 

Action Plan

What does a return to play look like? Take a deep dive into our action plan.

CDC approved guidelines
Phased re-opening
Cohort training
Participant Guidelines

Prior to practice 

  • ​Athlete drop-off area (masks required)

  • All athletes must sign a commitment to contact tracing

  • Attendance logs for contact tracing

  • Temperature checks prior to entering the facility

  • Hand sanitizing station at entry

During practice 

  • Stable groups (i.e. cohorts): teams of 12 will train together and will not overlap with other teams

  • No spectators

  • Athletes and coaches will wear masks at all times (except to drink water)

  • Multiple hand sanitizing breaks during practice

  • Ventilation system constantly exchanges internal air with external air

After practice

  • 15 minute buffer between practices to remove overlap

  • All common equipment sanitized (nets, poles, balls, etc.)

  • Hand sanitizing prior to exit

  • Every 3 weeks, the facility is cleaned using an industrial fog machine that removes all air particles from the facility and destroys all surface bacteria.

Return to Play Phases

Phase 1

Stable Groups. 

  • Each team of 12 athletes will only train together

  • No overlap with other teams that are training

  • Outdoor training prioritized (grass and beach)

Phase 2

Indoor Practice. 

  • Teams will be able to move practices indoors

  • Interaction will remain only with your team and coaches

  • 6 on 6 scrimmages together

Phase 3

Partner Teams. 

  • Teams will be assigned 1-2 partner teams that they can also interact with

  • Partner teams will practice at the same time & place

  • Allows for competition outside of your own individual team

Phase 4

In-house play.

  • Indoor tournament with Bay to Bay teams of similar age

  • Outdoor tournament options (grass & beach)

Phase 5

Regional play.

  • Competition against other clubs in the NorCal region

  • Smaller settings (high school gyms, etc.) 

  • Potential for spectators to return

Phase 6

National play.

  • Competition against clubs outside our region

  • Convention center settings

  • Potential for spectators to return


What happens if someone in the club contracts COVID-19?
All participants in the club will need to sign a disclosure form to notify us if they have been exposed or contracted COVID-19. Then, using our activity logs all personnel that were potentially in contact will be notified and asked to self-quarantine for 10 days or receive a negative COVID-19 test prior to returning to play.
Will players need to wear masks while playing? 

Yes, Bay to Bay requires all players to wear a mask while practicing regardless of the county guidelines.

How will you clean the volleyballs?
Each group/team is assigned 12 volleyballs that only they will be allowed to use. At the end of each practice, these balls will be sprayed with a non-toxic sanitizing mist. 

CDC Guidelines  

The CDC outlined their considerations for the return of youth sports in a thorough document here.

Our guidelines go above and beyond these considerations to try and provide the safest possible environment for our athletes.

Resources For At-Home Training

Film review, book club, and YouTube lessons


Analyze Olympic level volleyball matches each week. 3:15 pm every Friday.

Book Club

Broaden your perspective and develop your leadership. 3:15  on Wednesday.

YouTube Lessons
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