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Local Training Group Tryouts 
Saturday August 19th

Tryout Information

Looking for local training? Register today!

Saturday August 19th, 2023
LEMO Facility
2575 E. Bayshore Rd, Redwood City
  • 12/13's: 8:00 am - 10:00 am
  • 14's: 10:30 am - 12:30 pm
  • 15's: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  • 16's: 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm
  • 17/18's: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Tryout Cost: $60
  • Three eval dates
  • Tryout t-shirt
What are training groups?
Training Groups are our "stepping stone" program for athletes that are just getting started in their volleyball journey. Training group athletes are selected through tryouts which means that there is a high baseline level of play amongst each group.
As opposed to our travel teams, the training groups train once a week and only participate in local San Jose tournaments. This minimizes the program costs but maximizes the athletes training experience.
Fall Local Training Groups (Aug - Dec)
  • Practice 1x a week (Saturday or Sunday)
  • Participate in two local tournaments
    • The Grass Man (September)
    • In-House Tournament (December)
Program Overview PDF
Important Dates
Important Dates

When you register for tryouts you get access to three evaluation dates:

  • Pre-Tryout Evaluation #1 on Saturday August 5th
  • Pre-Tryout Evaluation #2 on Sunday August 13th
  • Main Tryout on Saturday August 19th
**Why do we do this? Tryouts are hard and never perfect. We know the process is stressful players, coaches, and parents. By providing multiple dates for evaluation coaches are able to build rapport with potential athletes and athletes don't have to rely on one tryout session to stand out. This creates a better tryout environment for all.
Main Tryout Date: 

Saturday August 19th


2575 E. Bayshore Rd, Redwood City 
  • 12/13's -- 8:00 - 10:00 am
  • 14's -- 10:30 - 12:30 pm
  • 15's -- 1:00 - 3:00 pm
  • 16's -- 3:30 - 5:30 pm
  • 17/18's -- 6:00 - 8:00 pm
  • What is indoor club volleyball?
    Club volleyball is a nationally organized youth volleyball network designed for players to compete at the regional and national level, refine their volleyball skills, and obtain exposure from collegiate coaches. Club volleyball programs throughout the country range from low commitment to high commitment level, and everything in between. ​ **Want to see the FAQ's for our beach volleyball club? Click here.
  • My son is new to volleyball, can he still play at Bay to Bay?
    Yes! Bay to Bay has a variety of different programs and teams that cater to a wide variety of playing experience and skill levels. We offer varying commitment levels such as: - Indoor Clinics - Beach Volleyball Training - Indoor Travel Teams
  • What is the mission of Bay to Bay?
    Our goal is simple: develop quality people through the sport of volleyball. ​ We do this by: 1. Training players to love the game from an early age 2. Making club participation accessible to anyone who wants to play 3. Attracting and developing great coaches who are stand-up people and positive role models
  • What is the roster size of teams?
    Roster sizes vary, usually consisting of between 10 and 12 athletes per team. Bay to Bay carries approximately 15 teams per year in age divisions from 12 and under up to 18 and under.
  • What is the schedule for club volleyball?
    Boy's club volleyball is one season that is split into two different parts: the "Fall" portion and the "Summer" portion. There is a break in the club volleyball season because boys high school volleyball is a Spring sport. FALL: Fall season tryouts are in early August. The season runs from August - early January. Teams practice 2-3 times a week as a team during the Fall season. In addition, coaches send 2-3 players from their team to club run 2-hour Setters practices, Pin Hitters practices, and Middles/Liberos practice on weeknights. Teams compete regionally in the Northern California Volleyball Association (NCVA) Power League (5-6 tournaments in the Nor Cal area). Teams compete in 1-2 National Qualifier tournaments in varying locations during the month of January. ​ SPRING: There is a break in the club volleyball season during the boy's high school season (February - Mid May). High School age teams (15's - 18's) will not practice during this time frame. Our middle school teams (14's - 12's) will have clinics and periodic team practices during this time frame. ​ ​SUMMER: Summer season tryouts are mid May. The season runs from May - early July. Teams practice 4-5 times a week and compete in two National tournaments. A 3-day tournament in Anaheim, and a 4-day tournament in Orlando, Florida for the 2023 AAU Junior National Championships.
  • Where do teams practice?
    During the Fall season South Bay teams practice mainly out of: Harker Middle School - Blackford Campus (3800 Blackford Ave, San Jose CA) West Valley College (14000 Fruitvale Ave, Saratoga CA) ​ During the Summer season South Bay teams practice mainly out of: Harker Middle School - Blackford Campus (3800 Blackford Ave, San Jose CA) Lynbrook High School (1280 Johnson Ave, San Jose CA) West Valley College (14000 Fruitvale Ave, Saratoga CA) Willow Glen High School (2001 Cottle Ave, San Jose CA) See a complete list of our practice locations, here.
  • How do you determine the participation age of an athlete?
    Our governing body, USA Volleyball defines the participation age of athletes using the following chart.
  • What does it cost to play?
    For the 2018/2019 Fall season dues will be between $2600 - $2800 depending on team. The Summer dues are $1100. Travel costs to and from tournaments and uniforms are not included in club dues.
  • How do the uniforms work?
    Nike is the official apparel supplier of Bay to Bay Volleyball Club. The uniform package includes 3 jerseys, 2 pairs of shorts, 1 windbreaker, 1 pair of jogger sweatpants, 2 pairs of socks, 3 practice tshirts, 1 long sleeve warmup, and 1 backpack with a name tag. Uniform dues for the 2017-2020 seasons are $400.00, the uniform package will remain the same through the 2019-20 season which means you do not need to repurchase uniforms every year.
  • How do you pay for club volleyball?
    Payment in full, or enrollment in an online payment plan, is due for the Fall season on the first day of practice. For the Summer season, payment or enrollment in a payment plan is due at the Summer Kick-Off Party or first day of practice. 6-month payment plans are available through PayPal. Requests for financial aid are decided upon within one week of tryouts.
  • Where have Bay to Bay players gone to college?
    We are extremely proud to have over 70+ players who have competed at the collegiate level. Our athletes have gone on to compete at some of the top academic and athletic institutions in the country, including: Stanford, UCLA, USC, MIT, Princeton, UCSB, UCSD, Hawaii, Long Beach, Grand Canyon, BYU, UCI, Ohio State, Penn State, Loyola-Chicago and more! Check out a full list of our alumni here and watch our annual alumni game video below:
  • Where are you located?
    All over the Bay Area! We utilize a number of different gyms throughout the greater San Jose area. For example, we have clinics at Campbell Community Center, West Valley College, and Foothill College. You can view all of the locations we use here. You can check out all of our upcoming sessions and their locations on our website here:
  • Is this a boys-only club?
    Yes, Bay to Bay is one of the few boys-only clubs in the entire country! If you are looking for girls volleyball clubs, you can check out this helpful blog post we wrote about girls options in the area.
  • Do you have programs for all experience levels?
    Absolutely! Whether your son is just starting out or is a defending National Champion Bay to Bay has a program for him. Our expert coaches have experience working with all ages and aim to create a challenging but supportive environment where young men can grow and develop both on and off the court. You can check out all our upcoming program offerings on our website here:
  • How can I get started?
    We've always got something going on! You can check out our full list of upcoming sessions on our website here: If you are looking to join one of our seasonal (Local Training Groups, Beach Volleyball, and Grass Volleyball) or year round programs we hold tryouts in: August, January, and May. You can get an email notification when registration for those tryouts open by joining our distribution list.

Tryout Process  


1. Register for the tryout online.


2. Attend the tryout in person (or submit a video tryout) and run through our series of drills.

3. Coaches will evaluate players at the tryout and make offers to join a team during the tryout and within 1-3 days after the tryout.

4. Teams will be finalized by August 25th.

Understanding the Commitment

Local Training Groups:
August - December:
  • Teams practice 1x a week 
  • Participate in 2 local tournaments
  • Zero travel outside of the Bay Area
Other seasons: 
  • Spring: February - April
  • Summer: May - June
    • New tryout required for each season​
Costs- $800 Training Group dues covers all costs (tournament entry, practice time, coach salary, equipment, etc.)

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24 years. 40+ coaches. 280+ athletes.
The Silicon Valley's Boys-Only Volleyball Club

Coaching Staff


quality people 

through the sport of volleyball.

Club Costs
Club Dues:
~$800 for Local Training
Payment options: 
  • Bank transfer (no fee)
  • Credit card (2.9% fee)
  • 6-month payment plan (2.9% fee)
Travel Costs: 
  • Hotels, flights, etc. are not included in dues.
College Alumni:
Bay to bay has sent over 100+ athletes to play NCAA college volleyball 
Google Reviews:
Check out real reviews from real customers on Google!
Club Support:
We had over 600+ athletes join a program in 2023!

What makes us different?

Hear from our Bay to Bay community

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 4.55.02 PM.png
Arielle Houlihan
Bay to Bay Club Director

"What makes Bay to Bay so special is the incredible coaching staff. I have never seen a more kind, encouraging, and motivated group of coaches at the youth level. I am inspired daily by their ability to create a positive learning environment that challenges our athletes to get out of their comfort zone and reach new heights."

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