Is beach volleyball beneficial for indoor players?

Absolutely! Beach volleyball is the best cross-training tool for indoor players. Unlike indoors, there are only two players on a team. This maximizes the contacts for each person since both players will have to pass, set, hit, block, and play defense in every single rally. The amount of volleyball repetitions, coupled with the low impact cardio and resistance training of playing in the sand creates an ideal environment for training! Want to see the FAQ's for our indoor volleyball club? Click here.

Can my son play for the indoor club and beach club?

Yes! Beach club practices do not interfere with the Bay to Bay indoor practice schedule. Not only are they allowed to play, indoor players are encouraged to play beach to help improve their overall game.

Do I have to play for Bay to Bay indoor club to play beach?

No! Bay to Bay Beach Club is open to all players from all clubs. In fact, players do not need to play indoor at all in order to join the beach club.

Do I need a partner to sign up?

No, it is not necessary to have a partner when you sign up. Selected athletes will be placed in competition groups with players of similarly based skill and age levels. If you do sign up with a partner, you both will be placed in the same competition group.

Do I need to attend all practices?

During the Fall and Spring seasons beach volleyball requires full commitment. Just like with any Bay to Bay team, beach players are expected to attend all practices and tournaments. If a player knows of a conflict, it must be communicated directly with their coach. During the Summer season, players can pick and choose the training sessions and tournaments that they can/want to attend and register accordingly. Summer practices are held entirely on the weekend until the second week of June to minimize interference with high school and middle school schedules. Most Bay Area schools are on Summer break by that time.

Where do teams practice?

All Bay to Bay Beach Club practices take place at West Valley College (14000 Fruitvale Ave, Saratoga CA) at their brand new 6-court beach volleyball facility. This facility is top of the line and offers the best possible training experience in the entire Silicon Valley.

What is the schedule for beach club?

Fall Season (Sept - Dec): Tryouts are held at the beginning of September, practices begin shortly thereafter. To ensure that there are no conflicts with Bay to Bay indoor practice, beach practices are held Sunday mornings from 8:00 am - 11:00 am. There are no practices held on indoor tournament dates or over the holidays. Spring Season (Feb - May): Spring tryouts are held in February, practices begin the weekend after tryouts. All practices are held on Sundays from 8:00 am - 11:00 am to ensure minimal conflict with High School and Middle School sports/activities. Spring season lasts until early May Summer Season (May - June): First training session is held at the end of May. To minimize interference with high school and middle school schedules, clinics and tournaments are held entirely on the weekend until the second week of June. Most Bay Area schools are on Summer break by that time. The season closes with an end of the season tournament the last week of June. Players will also be encouraged to attend CBVA and NCVA tournaments as well as "Open Play" sessions on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays at West Valley College.

Do athletes play in any tournaments?

Beach club players are in charge of choosing, registering, and attending local CBVA and NCVA beach volleyball tournaments. Beach volleyball is a player driven sport, which means that clubs cannot register players in tournaments, everything must be done directly through the athlete. Click for CBVA website/scheduleClick for NCVA outdoor website/schedule. All beach club players will also play in a Bay to Bay hosted end of the season beach club tournament at West Valley College. During the Summer, Bay to Bay Beach Club will host four "KOB" tournaments where players can earn points towards the Beach leaderboard. You can register for these tournaments online here.

What does it cost to play?

During the Fall and Spring, Beach Club dues are $775.00. This includes court time, coaches, insurance, and a uniform package. During the Summer, Beach Club is broken down into individual clinic sessions and tournaments. Each session costs between $55-70. Beach Club dues do not include CBVA and NCVA membership/tournament fees.